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Are You Challenged By
Your AEM Implementation?

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As a Marketing professional, you know how tricky some implementations can be. Adobe  Experience Manager (AEM) offers a stellar technology solution, but very powerful tools can introduce complexities making its implementation challenging.

KBWEB Consult can help:

We specialize in the implementation and delivery of Adobe Experience Cloud technologies, such as AEM Sites and AEM Assets.

KBWEB Consult is an Adobe Certified Partner with 7 Adobe credentials.

Let KBWEB Consult streamline your AEM website and asset management, enabling you to concentrate on key business initiatives. Schedule a free consultation to discover more.

After our consultation, you will…

  • Learn how we can speed up your AEM implementations 1.5X for ⅓ of the cost compared with large vendors.

  • Receive honest feedback on your next steps to fully utilize AEM.

  • Discover what KBWEB Consult can do for you and your business.

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“I worked alongside Krass for almost four years, and I can honestly say that he is a valued team member. Krass is cooperative and assistive with anything that the team/business needs, and he exhibits a lot of passion towards AEM development. He is a natural leader and problem solver, easily identifying and proposing solutions to any road bumps that the team hits along the way on the implementation of AEM components.”

Nithya Srirangan, Sr. Product Manager, Kaiser Permanente

“I had the pleasure of working with Krass during my time at LinkedIn on our AEM modernization initiative. He was a driving force behind our TouchUI migration, and provided exceptional technical guidance as we shaped our strategy for transitioning to a modern AEM stack. His contributions were invaluable, especially in facilitating technical shifts and overseeing other contractors on his team.”

Brodie Yazaki, Engineering Manager, LinkedIn

Why KBWEB Consult

We are a boutique technology consulting firm (founded by Krassimir Boyanoov) specializing in the implementation and delivery of Adobe Experience Cloud technologies, such as AEM Sites and AEM Assets.

  • We are results-driven
  • We are experienced and knowledgeable
  • We don't compromise on quality
Krassimir Boyanoov

Make AEM's power work for you and increase the return on your AEM investment.

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